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Five Reasons You Should Install Tiles In Your Bathroom Floors And Walls

Unlike any other part of the house, there are many aspects that you should consider when designing your bathroom. You will want to balance out the functionality and aesthetics of the space. Furthermore, it is important that you consider the humidity, temperature, airflow, and lighting to achieve a hygienic, comfortable, and highly-functional bathroom.

One of the many aspects that you need to think through is its flooring. Bathrooms typically produce so much water and moisture, which is why you need to install a material that can withstand such an environment. This is where the use of tiles comes into the picture.

In this article, we will share five reasons you should install tiles in your bathroom floors and walls:

1. It is easy to maintain

Moisture and even a small pool of water can encourage the development and growth of mould and mildew in your bathroom floors and walls. Many materials can also be hard to maintain since they are most likely prone to get these infestations. For instance, water can soak underneath the laminates and cause them to warp, which provides areas for moulds and mildew to thrive.

Using white-toned or other light colour tiles for your bathroom can be easy to maintain since you will be able to spot the growth of mould and mildew. This allows you to clean it before the condition of the tiles worsens.

2. It is moisture-resistant

Aside from moisture, your bathroom is exposed to many chemicals from your shampoos, soaps, and cleansers. These chemicals can damage the flooring and walls of your bathroom. For your tiling option, you can use ceramic floors as they are non-porous, meaning they can withstand harsh chemicals well. You can also install stone tiles because these can work with wet environments. At the same time, keep in mind that you will need to seal them so that they can avoid damage due to harsh chemicals.

3. It retains heat

When using radiant heating, tiles can keep your bathroom warm enough since they retain heat more than any other type of material. In general, tile flooring conducts heat better than wood or laminate, and it will not crack and damage over time as well.

You can have stone or ceramic tiling as these are best suited for radiant heating, meaning you wouldn’t need to worry anymore about your tiles being cold during the winter.

4. It is durable and long-lasting

Bathroom tiles are made of hard and highly durable material, meaning it would last for a long time. According to the National Association of Home Builder, with proper maintenance and regular cleaning, you can expect your ceramic bathroom tiles to last for 75 years or more and stone tiles for at least 100 years!

5. It does not undergo off-gassing

Off-gassing is the process of certain synthetic materials releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can pollute your indoor air. These gasses can trigger symptoms in people with allergies and chemical sensitivities. This is why tiles are ideal for a bathroom since they are made of natural materials, meaning that they do not undergo off-gassing.


Tiles are the most ideal and suitable flooring material that you can use in your bathroom area. From the reasons given above, tiles are the best option because they can avoid the development and growth of moulds and mildew since they are easy to maintain. Aside from that, they are capable of resisting moisture and retaining heat using radiation heating. They also do not undergo off-gassing because they are made from highly durable and natural materials.

Although the initial cost of the installation might be higher than you would prefer, the savings that you’ll garner over the years will be able to pay itself off.

If you want to install wall and floor tiling in Brisbane, our team of experts have got you covered. We also offer bathroom waterproofing services for you to ensure maximum functionality and aesthetics!

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