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Common Design Mistakes That You Need To Avoid When Trying To Match Your Tiles

Metaphorically speaking, aesthetics is a dance between various designs. To witness an outstanding performance, the performers have to give and take significantly. When it comes to design, you want to ensure that each piece goes well together.

One of the key elements of home aesthetics is tiling. Choose matching floor and wall tiles, which will allow them to emphasize each design’s strengths. However, it can be easy to get tempted by flamboyant patterns and colours, which can make your walls and floor contradict. As such, you should avoid these mistakes to ensure that your tiles go well.

Here are some common design mistakes that you need to avoid when trying to match your tiles:

Mistake #1: Choosing floor tiles meant for walls and vice versa

There’s a common misconception that floor tiles and wall tiles are interchangeable. While this isn’t entirely false, not all tiles can be used for other purposes.

There are many factors that come into play when choosing tiles. First, wall tiles need to be a bit lighter, and the adhesive should be strong enough to keep them intact. If your wall tiles are too heavy, the adhesive may not be able to support the weight so that they would fall off.

Tiles that are specially designed for flooring can sometimes be on the heavier side. Installing these on your walls can potentially lead to serious damage. Meanwhile, tiles designed for walls are typically lighter. Because of that, it can be easier for them to break and crack when installed on floors as they would not be able to support the foot traffic.

Mistake #2: Not considering textures

The most common tile designs are solid colours. Black, blue, white, grey: these are the most popular choices for tiling among different homeowners. However, you’re not limited to these options. You can also choose tiles with different patterns and gradients. Additionally, you have the option to choose different textures.

Some homeowners overlook the fact that they can mix and match different tile textures because they believe that design is more important. On the contrary, the texture of the tiles is what gives them the feel, and in essence, brings them to life.

Choosing the right texture combination will enhance your overall design choice. With the added feel, you’re not only able to admire the aesthetics of your home visually, but it will also give you some sort of haptic feedback.

Mistake #3: Overdoing it

As mentioned before, you don’t want to overdo your tiles’ designs. You need to ensure that they go well, or else, it can be overwhelming for the eyes. While the design may look astounding in itself, sometimes, pairing it with another brings a contrast that can be difficult to look at.

To be safe, go for simpler designs like white marble and grey granite. You’ll be surprised to see how such minimalistic designs can provide a visually pleasing and comforting aesthetic.


Aesthetics can be complicated, especially if you’re uncertain of your design choices. Nevertheless, you can still have great results by ensuring that you avoid making common mistakes, especially when it comes to tiling. You can also consult the expert designers to help you achieve a great mix and match between your wall and floor tiles.

We provide wall and floor tile installation in Brisbane. Our team of expert kitchen and bathroom tilers will surely help you achieve your dream home interior!

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